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Swiss WordPress Theme has a clean, modern style that you can customize to your own specific requirements. Easily achieve spectacular layouts using the free Elementor live page builder.

A Host of Beautiful Components

You're never short of an element for your layouts when creating your own website with Swiss.

Unlimited Customization

Unleash your creative side and customize all your elements as you build.

Live Drag 'n Drop

No more guessing, live editing shows you exactly how your layout looks.

Our users love our products.

With over 30,000 users you learn a few things along the way that help us create tools users want.


Yura Gooddesign, UI/UX Designer

"The fact that I can have 100% control over my layouts, choose my fonts, colors, paddings and more is a game changer."


Shesa Coder, Front-end Developer

"Rather than having pages full of shortcodes producing ugly code, I can now confidently build visually and the code is excellent."

Simple Pricing.

Amazing control, unlimited styling, beautiful demo layouts with Swiss WordPress.

Live Editing

Build your layouts live, in the browser, from within the admin or via the frontend. See your designs come to life with Elementor.

Unlimited COntrol

Take full control of fonts, sizes, colors, letter spacing and everything else via the easiest, user-friendly interface available.

Superb Support

We pride ourselves on our support. ALthough we provide you with great documentation, sometimes you need a little guidance.


Starter Plan

Up to 5 Pages of optimization including icon work.

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Executive Enterprise

Complete website review and optimization work.


Budding Business

Up to 10 Pages of optimization including icon work.

Organizations we've helped.

We've been fortunate that companies across the world allow us to work with them to create meaningful, expressive solutions.

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