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Our Story

A Perfect Marriage

For years we've attempted to change the preconception that many commercial themes are bloated and look the same. We've held back from using page builder plugins unlike many of our competition. A difficult choice that we have had to defend on the grounds that historically the available options do not make things easier for the user because of complex UI's and long learning curves. Elementor was what we've waited for, and we're super stoked to be able to fully support this ground breaking solution. Welcome to the freedom to create what you want, how you want, in a small amount of time. Easily.

Any Device

Fully Responsive.

Visitors use all types and sizes of devices to view your site and consume your content. Mammoth looks gorgeous on all devices. Elementor allows you to fine-tune your design for tablet and mobile platforms so that you always look gorgeous.

Featured by the following

We count ourselves fortunate that our products have been featured by some of the most excellent websites, podcasts and blogs

Trouble Free

Optimized Code.
Zero loss of data.

Ever removed a page builder? Oh my, it's a mess. What is often left behind, when you decide to change themes, is simply unusable. Content is riddled with codes that mean nothing, ruining your data and causing you days, weeks and even months of fixing. Elementor is very different, it does not use shortcodes or weird code, just standards based divs, paragraphs and headings. Your content, although unstyled, is still there, legible and usable.

The front end code is a strong point also. It's clean, it's semantic and Elementor even minifies the style sheet once saved, producing some of the fastest loading pages you can build.

A Helping Hand

Start With a Page Template.

We've included several full page templates, including this page, ready for you to use in Elementor as a starting block. Simply choose a template and start to edit, rearrange, change fonts and colors etc. Once you complete designing your page you can save and resuse to create another page.

Take Control

Easy To Learn.

Building your designs is fast, like really fast. Using the beautifully simple front-end drag 'n' drop interface you build your pages using what feels like widgets, visually. Set fonts, sizes, colors etc. live. Easily drag columns to resize, add rows, set background images or videos and so much more.

One Block At a Time

Build With Blocks.

You can save and reuse full page templates, or save sections as blocks to put together. We've included several solid blocks to get you started with building your pages and website. You can alter all aspects of blocks to your own requirements and then save to reuse in other pages.

Any Site

Zero Limits.

Using Elementor page builder allows you total freedom to create any style of website. Regardless of your business type, style requirements and colors, Mammoth and Elementor give you the tools to succeed.

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