This example of a Vimeo embed shows you how the theme automatically retains the video aspect ratio and makes it 100% responsive, meaning your visitors can enjoy the full experience regardless to their device type. Embedding your videos is a great way to introduce people to your Vimeo video channel direct from your site while retaining them on your site. It can also help you to make your posts and pages more engaging, and therefore, a better experience for your visitors.

By using the 100% free Featured Video Plus plugin from the official WordPress repository, we can also display the video, playable, on the main blog index page and replace the featured image. Some themes will hard-code a custom field in to the theme to accept your video URL to do this, however once you move themes that would disappear and leave you with broken content and no video being displayed – no one wants that and it’s one of the reasons, for things like this, that you should use a plugin as when you swap themes, you still have that plugin and function available! As a bonus feature the plugin automatically creates a featured image when you add your video URL that is used in the header of the post. You can always remove or replace this to one of your choosing.

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